- La Spezia - Italy - 2012 -

Project by Lorenzo Tognocchi, Nicola Villani (visualization)  – Client: Autorità Portuale della Spezia – Competition: sixth prize

The proposal design concerns the functional retraining of the diga foranea,  the breakwater that protects La Spezia Gulf.
Aim of the project is the realization of seasonable and floating structures for bathing and  boating and for leisure time in general. These movable frames are fixed to a new long pier built on the breakwater. This pier houses a footbridge, 1150 meters long , that can connect, with two short boat trips, the two sides of the gulf and then the paths of the natural parks of Portovenere/5 terre and Montemarcello.
The new layout of the diga foranea aims also to create a new landmark in the bay, like a land art work, visible from the hills around the gulf.