About me

Graduated with honors  from the Facoltà di Architettura of the University of Florence in 2003 I collaborated with the Department of Architecture from 2006 to 2013.
At the same time I started the professional activity  with the group Rosso 19, an architectural office based in Florence. This collaboration continued until 2011 when I decided to become a free lance architect.  Meanwhile I have been starting teaching  Technical drawing and Art History at the Scientific Lyceum becoming permanent state teacher in 2017.

About projects

I operate in the fields of urban design, architecture and interiors.
Urban design and architecture projects, often proposals for national and international competitions, are always an opportunity to explore the relationship between  forms,  spaces,  materials, contexts and the social role of contemporary architecture.
They are carried out always with an inclusive and cross-disciplinary approach that aims to investigate how architectural intelligence can help us to understand and respond to all the challenges (big or small, local or global) of contemporary trends and needs.
This attitude always focuses on the creation of open and interactive systems, which permit to built architecture to adapt itself to the different kinds of appropriation by its users but, at the same time, aims to stimulate new, creative and good shared practices.
On the other hand interior projects are in most cases small size realizations, concerning working and living environments, which however allowed to work on the concept of space and on a well defined kind of esthetic approach.
These realizations are often located in historical contexts, inside existing buildings, and the main part of the architectural work concerns the renovation of internal environments, always trying to reinvent, through operations of cutting and joining, existing volumes and spaces.
This design approach, that always starts from an analysis of the architectural potentiality of the actual situation of the building, is carried out through a general rethink of functions and conventional configurations, trying always to renovate both of them, also through simple but unexpected changes of points of view.
The constant, underlying objective is to come to the realization of a new scenery , so as to recreate new domestic, work or leisure time spaces every time.