Villa Emma - Lizzano in Belvedere - Italy - 2019

Project by Lorenzo Tognocchi – Client: private – Status: built

The project concerns the renovation of a villa of the late XIX century located in a village between the apennine mountains, not far from Bologna.
The building has been subdivided into three independent housing units, two apartments are located on the first level and the third one on the second floor. The ground level is instead conceived as a space for common services like laundry, woodshed and cellars.
Overall the project of renovation of the villa is “a delicate almost nothing”, in which the realization of the three apartments has been carried out by means of little gestures that poetically outline a minimum living condition, with an aesthetic approach that, in many rooms, reminds monastery cellas. Every apartment is therefore characterized by few traditional elements like wooden doors and floors, white walls, fireplaces, concrete tiles and original furniture.